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Do you have a specific goal for your health and fitness but aren't sure how to achieve them? Working with a personal trainer will provide you with the direction and guidance you need to achieve those goals. Our trainers are extremely knowledgable and work with any ability level. We have options for one-on-one sessions, couples or small groups. Inquire for additional pricing options.

Single 60min Session

You will be working with one of our trainers for 60 minutes to get closer to your goals. Each session is catered to your needs.


5 Pack of 60min Sessions

5 Sessions are arranged between you and the trainer. They will guide you through a customized program while watching form and movement patterns


10 Pack of 60min Sessions

Consistency is key! These 10 sessions will provide guidance and a supportive environment to achieve your health and fitness goals.


InBody Analysis

When you purchase 5 or more personal training sessions you can do an InBody Analysis Scan for a reduced price. The analysis shows your body composition improvemetns over time.


Stop by the front desk to get more information from our trainers!

Jen Ellis

Kelsey Booth

*each trainer has variable availability